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One day and counting! 1  

Not much to report, other than Benjamin and Melissa are doing great. Benjamin has been a hungry guy this afternoon, which is a great sign. I'm finding myself to be a pretty natural swaddler, so that's a relief :)

Stay tuned!

Announcing Benjamin Faxon Hankens 1  

We are happy to announce that we have a healthy, beautiful baby boy. Melissa was a champ, here it is 9:00 PM and you can't even tell that she just gave birth. At just after 5:00, she was fully dilated. After almost exactly an hour, Benjamin took his first breath of air. No complications whatsoever. We have just moved to our recovery room and are settling in for the night. Things couldn't have possibly gone any better :)

New Site, New Child (almost) +  

Just a quick post to start logging the newest adventures of Melvin... and an as-of-yet unnamed addition! Here are some pics of the Mom-to-be getting ready for her big day.