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We survived blizzard #2 of the 2010 - 2011 winter season, and it's only mid-January. We're running out of places to shovel the darn stuff! During blizzard #1, we ran around the house filling little cracks that were letting the wind in, so it was downright cozy this time around. I can't imagine how the people who first owned this house 260 years back managed to make it through the winter. Must have been mighty grumpy a few months out of the year. Makes me grateful for indoor plumbing and a constant supply of heat.

We were hoping to take Benjamin out for a ride in his super fabulous handmade by Grampa sled today, but the windchill was at 16F, so a quick walk around the block for some fresh air was all we managed. Maybe this weekend...

He's so bundled up you could stand him on his head and he wouldn't move. Love the photo of our Snowbunny. Lovely street photo. Where do all the people park? I assume that the last photo is the garage?